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Measuring the real word impact of Scholarly Research

 Aims & Scope 

Published with an online open access, BMDynamics is working under the umbrella of Society of Business and Management Dynamics.

SBMD is purely a non-profit making research society which targets training and consultancy as the prime activity. Journal of Business Management Dynamics (BMD) is also an endeavor of the society for the development of dynamic business. It aims to cover novel ideas of research in the field of business. This may cover issues inside the organization or outside the organization. It invites research in shape of case studies, research articles, short communications, book reviews or any other type of research that might contributetowards the effectiveness and efficiency of business which will enable us to build a dynamic business and society. All the stakeholders of business are welcomed to contribute their research for publication with our journal. We don’t restrict ourselves to certain regions as we work for dynamic world.

Considering these goals, we focus on research from the globe and welcome contribution from any region or country. Similarly, any subject relevant to business can be part of the journal, so we welcome research on any topic that is of significance importance for business.
Following are the major fields that fall under our scope:

Micro Economics
Macro Economics
Small Business Management
International Finance
Business Research

Total Quality Management
Production Management
Portfolio Management
Islamic Banking
Corporate Finance

Electronic Commerce
International Business
Islamic Finance
Knowledge Management

Supply Chain Management
Emerging Trends in Business
Customer Relationship Management
Performance Management
Human Resource Management
International Trade

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • BMD publishes research articles in all the fields that are relevant to business. That might be from internal perspectives like management, finance, human resource management, marketing, sales, operations management, strategic management, quality management, or it might be covered externally like, economic conditions, macroeconomic policies, sales management, consumer behavior, fiscal and monetary policies, impact of environmental, social, political or cultural factors on business, economic conditions, entrepreneurship and small business management etc. Summing it up it covers all the subjects that fall in the category of business and management.

  • Yes, BMD is a referred journal and it follows double blind peer review process.

  • BMD is purely an online journal.

  • Yes, BMD is an open access journal. Being an open access journal, it can be traced and visited easily; any one at any time can get access to our publication which makes our dream realize i.e. to help business, society, academicians, researchers, students and all those who are directly or indirectly related to business. It also pays researcher, as open access will increase possibility of use of their research which will increase their citation.

  • BMD publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews.

  • Yes, as per requirements special issues may be launched.


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