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Measuring the real word impact of Scholarly Research

Business Management Dynamics (BMD) welcomes your contribution in shape of Articles, Short Communications, Case Studies, Book Reviews, or any other shape that can make valuable contribution for the Dynamic Business World and finally towards the society.  


Manuscript Format

  1. Should be submitted in both formats i.e., MS Word (Latest version) & PDF.
  2. Double-spaced, 12 Font Size, Format Times New Roman in APA 7 style.
  3. Abstract should not be more than 500 words with max (Five keywords)
  4. Footnote is not allowed. Any footnote making a specific point should be integrated in the relevant context of the paper body.
  5. Clearly mention the details on the separate sheet a) Author's name b) Designation c) Email address d) Department & Institute.
  6. Not have authors names or other identifying information placed on the manuscript itself, as all manuscripts are peer-reviewed with a blind reviewing system.
  7. All Figures and Tables should be drawn with captions and cite them in the text body.

Paper Organization

  1. Abstract should contain the following suggested sections
    1. Purposes
    2. Methods
    3. Findings
    4. Limitations
    5. Contributions to literature
    6. Practical implications
    7. Social implications
    8. Originality
  2. Introduction (identifies current status, research gaps, the importance, research questions, research purposes).
  3. Theoretical background (if research is based on one or more theories, explain it in detail).
  4. Research model (identifies variables and their relationships based on observations and/or theories).
  5. Literature review (study past research relevant to the research model and research questions).
  6. Methodology (explains a comparative summary. data sources, diagram, unit of analysis, choices of methods, research design, analytic procedure, etc.)
  7. Results and Discussion (discuss the findings based on the outcomes of analyses).
  8. Conclusions and Recommendations (synthesize the findings to draw conclusions and recommend actions to the readers accordingly).
  9. References (each reference must have complete information and use APA 7 reference and citation styles to format; make sure all references are cited in the paper body).


        “Boyd, D. E., McGarry, B. M., & Clarke, T. B. (2016). Exploring the empowering and paradoxical relationship between social media and CSR activism. Journal of Business Management Dynamics, Vol. 11(2), pp. 37-42.”


Submitting your Manuscript

  1. All the manuscripts should be sent via electronic mail at the following addresses: manuscript@bmdynamics.com or editor@bmdynamics.com.
  2. All the correspondence would be done through editorbmd@gmail.com.
  3. Manuscript submission with BMD means that you are showing that you are adhering all the guidelines and requirements given above, and you have followed them well.

Article Processing Charges (APC)

  1. An Article Processing Charge (APC), also known as a publication fee, is a fee which is charged to Authors/Scholars to make a work available in an Open Access Peer Review.
  2. The APC is used for handling and processing of a manuscript and consequent publication after the acceptance. We do not charge Authors for submissions only.
  3. Up to Three Authors USD 200 & Up to Five Authors (max) USD 250.

How do I pay the Article Processing Charge of my article?

  1. We accept payments via Online Bank transfer, Bank wire transfers, Western Union & Payoneer.
  2. When an article is processed, reviewed, accepted, and authorized for online publication. For further payment instructions, authors may contact via email editorbmd@gmail.com.

Please send us an email. We will respond to you with further payment instructions where required, on how to proceed with your specific payment by bank transfer or any other means for a payment. 

For more details download our 'Submission Guidelines'


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