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Volume  10   Issue 02  2020  
Article Abstract
Reviving Rebekah's Operational Plan
Keywords:  entrepreneurship, strategy, marketing, small business management, leadership
Lucinda Parmer
Ms. Rebekah Wilson is an entrepreneur living and working from home in Creola, Alabama, U.S.A., and has ventured into her second small business, Revive. The Revive company provides furniture refurbishing services and makes home and office decor pieces. The company's slogan is "transforming junk into jewels." Ms. Wilson launched Revive after being laid-off from The Real Yellow Pages (YP) company. Due to multiple family and friend requests and the need for Ms. Wilson's furniture items to be refurbished, Revive was born and opened for business in 2015. However, the furniture restoration business has proved to be a time-consuming operation involving multiple steps when taking a furniture item and refurbishing it into a finished piece of artwork. Moreover, Ms. Wilson has faced some operational challenges with Revive in the areas of product management, sales and marketing, and customer service. This case study provides a solid background of Ms. Wilson as an entrepreneur and the day-to-day challenges faced while operating a small business. This case is appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate-level business students specifically in majors or courses about marketing, management, small business management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Multiple student learning objectives and assignments are provided to include analyzing the Revive company using a SWOT Analysis (Humphrey, 2005), Porter's Five Forces Analysis (Porter, 1980), and the Boston Consulting Group Matrix (Henderson, 1979). Lastly, students will need to provide recommendations on the outlook of the Revive business moving forward.
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