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ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  10   Issue 02  2020  
Article Abstract
Transpersonal Knowledge Management as an Aspect of Workforce Development.
Keywords:  transpersonal, workforce development, knowledge management, leadership development, organization development, tacit knowledge, spirituality, management philosophy
Andre S. Avramchuk
This article takes a novel perspective on gaps in transferable knowledge used in work organizations for employee and leadership development. It proposes that a transpersonal dimension or context of knowledge had not been fully considered in the common conceptions of organizational learning and knowledge creation. It explains that capturing deeper contextual underpinnings of knowledge in general, and tacit knowledge in particular, through an understanding of its transpersonal component, could lead to a more meaningful personal and professional development of employees and leaders at work. This expanded conceptualization of knowledge and its management might benefit workforce development programs and those who research the issues of knowledge transfer and workplace learning, ethics, diversity, and inclusion across the globe.
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