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Volume  11   Issue 07  2022  
Article Abstract
Relationship with Suppliers from the Perspective of Integrated Logistics: The Example of a Brazilian Company from the Sugarcane Sector
Keywords:  Supplier; Relationship, Logistics, Transportation, Client
Rodrigo Duarte Soliani, Nádia Kassouf Pizzinatto
The main objective of this research is to evaluate how the relationship between customer and supplier, through the perspective of integrated logistics, can contribute and optimize the production processes of a company. The methodology used was applied research and, in accordance with its objectives is considered exploratory and descriptive, as it aims to report the phenomena of the studied reality and create better understanding of the problem through literature searches and data collection through the analysis of texts published both in the literature, as in printed materials and/or made available on the Internet. The strategies of organizations are increasingly focused on efficiency and effectiveness and for this reason seeks to use appropriate tools as alternatives to achieve those goals. The relationship with suppliers is a procedure that favors the performance of processes. However, it is necessary to conduct a job evaluation and a selection of service providers turning them into partners that will contribute to better performance of activities. It is a vision that is incorporated into the integrated logistics, which seeks to optimize the resources in order to obtain better results and convert in increasing the level of competitiveness of the organization. Every organization has its operational strategy; therefore, the company focus of the study implemented the HSE program to maintain and monitor the relationship with its suppliers, aimed, among other things, measure performance and commitment to Safety, Health, and Environment.
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