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Volume  11   Issue 07  2022  
Article Abstract
A Holistic Perspective on Brand Equity Measurement Methods
Keywords:  Brand Equity Measurement; Customer Mindset; Brand Market Performance; Holistic Brand Value; Brand Valuation; Qualitative Techniques; Quantitative Techniques
Adina Cristea, Claudiu-Cătălin Munteanu
Managers are currently struggling to evaluate brand equity in a holistic manner. As brand equity is based not only on the customer mindset, but also on the market and financial performance of the brand, it should be evaluated from both perspectives. In order to assess brand health and to monetize the advantages generated by brand equity, it is necessary to analyze the brand value chain, the series of processes through which the brand generates value. Starting from Keller’s (2013) classification of brand equity measurement methods (BEMMs), this article analyzes modern BEMMs from the triple perspective of the brand value chain: the customer mindset, brand market performance and holistic brand value. For each method, we explain its mechanism, advantages and disadvantages, implementation, as well as its usefulness and various applications in contemporary contexts, by means of a recent literature review. We synthesize this comprehensive classification of BEMMs in a convenient managerial summary. Next, we emphasize and exemplify the complementarity of various BEMMs in assessing brand health. The managerial suggestions underline the importance of selecting an optimal combination of BEMMs, in accordance to the particular research context and objectives, by considering the general advantages and limits of each category of BEMMs and of each method in particular.
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